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Paisley Ave. May Pen, Clarendon //Cheapside, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
(876) 986-4146 (Clarendon)(876) 965-8284 (St. Elizabeth)




Witter & Sons Funeral Home was founded on a dream. It had long been a dream of Panton Witter Sr. to be a Mortician. In 1984 after completing studies in Texas, Mr. Witter and his wife, Clare, returned to Jamaica to open the second funeral home in Clarendon. This funeral home was established to serve the people of Clarendon, Manchester, and St. Catherine. Despite the many challenges along the way, the funeral home was a success and became a household name and the funeral home of choice in Clarendon. 

In 1989 the company expanded its operations to Cheapside, St. Elizabeth, the birthplace of Mr. Witter. This new funeral home was the third such funeral home in the parish of St. Elizabeth. The funeral home was successful, and a second location in St. Elizabeth was opened to better serve the people, but operations were later consolidated to the Cheapside location. 

For nearly 40 years, our family has been dedicated to serving grieving families with careful hands and professionalism. We have taken a family-centered approach to care for everyone who entrusts us with the care of their loved ones. Witter & Sons Funeral Home stays true to its motto: “Celebrating Life, One Family at a Time.” We have accomplished this through some of the most dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable staff in the funeral industry.

Our continued goal is to let each family feel like a part of ours. 


What Our Customers Say

Witter and Sons are a great funeral home! They were patient, supportive, and kind when I had to lay my mother to rest recently. Through tough times, I am grateful that they were able to provide such great service from my mother’s preparation to the great execution of the Zoom and videography. Many people could watch it live and on YouTube later on; They also commended their great services!

Leslie Francis

I highly recommend Witter and Sons as a funeral service company par excellence. The staff is quite accommodating and fulfilled every detail of my family’s wishes for my mom’s homegoing. Their expertise and high level of customer service made the experience quite pleasant and executed with dignity.

Khadrea Folkes

Truly excellent service from start to finish. My mother’s body was repatriated from the UK, and Witter dealt with everything without a hitch. They were always available to us whenever we visited the office to check or change arrangements. They answered all our questions and concerns and treated us with kindness, sympathy, and courtesy.

On the day of the funeral, they were on time and went out of their way to fulfill our request of bringing mum to the house before going to the church. Tommy was brilliant. He supervised everything with professionalism and clear instructions throughout, including instructing the workmen on the final touches needed for the burial plot.

Thank you to all of the staff at Witter for your dedication and support during such a difficult time.

Winston Wright