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  • Inform the police that a death has occurred
  • Call the funeral home
  • If the person was being seen by a doctor in the last 3 months before death, then the doctor will complete and sign a Medical Cause of Death Certificate.
  • Take the Medical Cause of Death Certificate to the Local District Registrar who will register the death. At this point, the application for the Certificate of Death may be filled out and the fees paid.
  • Within six weeks the applicant should receive the Certificate of Death

Embalming preserves and sanitizes the body. In Jamaica there may be a significant time period between death and burial and embalming allows your loved one to look presentable for their final viewing. 

We do not charge for storage if funeral arrangements will be handled by Witter & Sons Funeral Home.

It is not necessary to come into the funeral home to make funeral arrangements. Arrangements can be made online or over the phone. Our arrangement specialists are here to help you.